The Advantages of Free Consultations Provided by Personal Injury Attorneys

Free initial consultations offered by personal injury lawyers have distinct advantages for people who were hurt due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. During the consultation, the person can ask questions about proving liability and how compensation is determined by insurance companies. The lawyer can often tell the person whether this is a case in which professional legal representation would be advisable or whether it is unnecessary, at least for now.

Representation on a Contingency Basis

The person cannot expect to hear any guarantees of how much compensation the lawyer could obtain. Personal injury attorneys generally work on a contingency basis, meaning their clients do not pay fees if the lawyer is not successful. No lawyer can promise success or a certain amount, but attorneys can let prospective clients know whether their case is promising.

Fair and Unfair Settlement Offers

In some instances, the settlement being offered by the insurance company is fair and reasonable, and the lawyer will explain why. In other instances, the lawyer realizes that the insurer is being unfair with the claimant. Their settlement offer may be too low or they may be refusing to pay anything. With attorneys from an organization such as Barbera Law handling the negotiations, the person is better able to focus on recovering.

Careless Behavior

These lawyers want men and women to understand the unfairness of their having to shoulder the financial burden for someone else’s careless behavior or disregard for safety. Typically, the behavior was not intentional or criminal in a personal injury case, but responsibility should be accepted nonetheless. For instance, not watching the road carefully enough when pulling onto a highway from a gas station can result in colliding with a motorcycle. That’s an accident, but the driver is still liable.

Consultations by Phone and in Person

Consultations commonly are done by phone and might last up to 20 minutes. Sometimes the lawyer wants to meet in person and may be willing to come to the individual’s home, or to the hospital or convalescent care center. Injury attorneys understand the difficulties people face regarding transport when they are beginning to recover from a serious accident.